Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wednesdays make me happy!

Here we are again, yet another Wednesday which means yet another WOYWW - the crafty creation from Julia at stamping ground. I have been a busy bumble bee this week so I hope my desk makes you happy and maybe even inspires you!

As you can see I have been crafting by candle romantic of me! I only like the candle because it smells of Christmas...really gets me in the mood. Although, I have to admit, I STILL haven't started any Christmas cards! I'm working on an order from a farm shop who will be stocking some of my cards. I need to make 50 cards for their package...10 female birthday, 10 male birthday, 15 blank and a mixture of good luck, congratulations, thank you etc.

On my desk you will see two cards..the one on the left is finished and the one on the right just needs to be stuck down. These are the two thank you cards for the order I'm making up. Also on my desk are a couple of stamps waiting to be cleaned, lots of flowers, an empty packet of randoms sweeties...mmmm I love them! The two magazine holders on the right hold all my scrap paper in one and all my good paper in the other. I've managed to make so many cards just from my scrap paper which I'm happy about. I just need to work my way through that box!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my desk. Thank you for all the lovely comments I received last week. I'm off to have a little wander around some more crafty spaces. Enjoy your WOYWW everyone.

Kirsty x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

I hope this uploads the pictures!

Yey it worked! I've been trying to upload these pictures for a while and they never worked. At last they have appeared!

The above card is one for a lady from the shop who wanted a silver wedding anniversary card for friends. She wanted it kept simple so this is what I came up with. Very simple for me but in a way I think it kind of works. Best thing was that she was happy with it.

These two cards were made to fill some space on the card rail in the shop. I'm not too sure about the card on the right, I've been saving the paper with the umbrella's for ages as I wanted to do something special with it but I don't feel I have. I like the sentiment though. The card on the left, which you can't see properly due to the box of random bits and pieces, was actually a spur of the moment idea which I really love. Isn't it strange that the ideas you plan out for a while never seem to look as good as the impulse ones...for me anyway.

I also thought I'd share a wedding photo from hubby and I's wedding 12 weeks ago...I love this one, it was taken by a photographer I regularly work with who was a guest at the wedding. Aww I miss my wedding day so much!

Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Another fab WOYWW

Here's my desk and craft area this fabulous wednesday. As you can probably tell I've moved it all. Previously, as you can see on other posts, I've been crafting in front of a mirror on the wall and not really having much room for all my messiness <---is that a word? Anyway, I decided on Monday to take all of the hubby's clothes out of the room and I made him a walk in wardrobe in one of the big storage cupboards in the hall. I though it would be ideal for him to hide his mess behind a door so no-one has to see it but all I've done is take over the space his clothes were in to make even more of a mess.....a big crafty mess!

Crafting in front of a mirror did mean I could kill two birds with one stone though. I model part time and therefore I have to practice my expressions on a daily basis. I always made myself giggle when I'd stop crafting for a minute and pull some crazy expressions in the mirror. I needed some extra storage though so had to move so I could put something on the wall.

Here's the storage I got from the kitchen department in IKEA. I decided to drag the hubby through on Sunday and used the "doctor said it would make me feel better if I relaxed" worked a treat! In the little jars (spice jars) are all my buttons, pearls, gems, flowers etc with some of my Martha's sitting there proudly. I love Martha. The actual contents of my desk aren't exciting this week..just some boxes to alter and a new magazine holder full of scrap paper. Hopefully I'll manage to use it all up soon!

I have been making lots of cards but the silly computer won't let me upload them :( Will have to save them for another update during the week. If you have no idea what I've been talking about for the past 5 minutes then head over to Julia's where all will be explained.

Have a fab Wednesday everyone, looking forward to a little adventure around your crafty spaces!

Kirsty x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday....??

Well...I had great ideas to update my blog lots since last wednesday but unfortunately got some bad news from the docs so crafting had taken a bit of a back seat....that was until the other night! I am trying to stay as positive as possible and got told to make sure I do plenty of whatever relaxes me...well, that means the doctor has prescribed plenty crafting!!! couldn't believe it!

Here's my desk this week. Somewhere in there are two cards...a wedding one on the bottom right and one about chocolate in the middle..the orange one. Also on my desk this week are some new bits and pieces I have purchased duch as some BoBunny sticky embelishment things..some Christmas sequins, some rub ons on the left (under my new blackberry <3 ), some little gingerbread men which I'm unsure of what to do with. I've also just noticed on the far right of the new stash of Graphic45 papers have creeped in the photo. I just discovered Graphic45 recently and no idea how I managed to go without it. Their papers are so vintage looking, all muted and faded...they make gorgeous cards (or do I make gorgeous cards with their papers??)

Here are my cards up close..not technically perfect I know...but I still like them. I love the quote on this one ^^^

I also saw the most beautiful Graphic45 paper the other day. I just had to get it but it's so lovely I don't want to cut it! Alice in Wonderland....fantastic!

Anyway crafters...hope you enjoyed the snoop this week. I'm off to have a raid around the lovely Julia's at the rest of the WOYWW entries.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone,

Kirsty xxx