Thursday, 9 September 2010

I hope this uploads the pictures!

Yey it worked! I've been trying to upload these pictures for a while and they never worked. At last they have appeared!

The above card is one for a lady from the shop who wanted a silver wedding anniversary card for friends. She wanted it kept simple so this is what I came up with. Very simple for me but in a way I think it kind of works. Best thing was that she was happy with it.

These two cards were made to fill some space on the card rail in the shop. I'm not too sure about the card on the right, I've been saving the paper with the umbrella's for ages as I wanted to do something special with it but I don't feel I have. I like the sentiment though. The card on the left, which you can't see properly due to the box of random bits and pieces, was actually a spur of the moment idea which I really love. Isn't it strange that the ideas you plan out for a while never seem to look as good as the impulse ones...for me anyway.

I also thought I'd share a wedding photo from hubby and I's wedding 12 weeks ago...I love this one, it was taken by a photographer I regularly work with who was a guest at the wedding. Aww I miss my wedding day so much!

Kirsty xxx

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