Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wednesdays make me happy!

Here we are again, yet another Wednesday which means yet another WOYWW - the crafty creation from Julia at stamping ground. I have been a busy bumble bee this week so I hope my desk makes you happy and maybe even inspires you!

As you can see I have been crafting by candle romantic of me! I only like the candle because it smells of Christmas...really gets me in the mood. Although, I have to admit, I STILL haven't started any Christmas cards! I'm working on an order from a farm shop who will be stocking some of my cards. I need to make 50 cards for their package...10 female birthday, 10 male birthday, 15 blank and a mixture of good luck, congratulations, thank you etc.

On my desk you will see two cards..the one on the left is finished and the one on the right just needs to be stuck down. These are the two thank you cards for the order I'm making up. Also on my desk are a couple of stamps waiting to be cleaned, lots of flowers, an empty packet of randoms sweeties...mmmm I love them! The two magazine holders on the right hold all my scrap paper in one and all my good paper in the other. I've managed to make so many cards just from my scrap paper which I'm happy about. I just need to work my way through that box!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my desk. Thank you for all the lovely comments I received last week. I'm off to have a little wander around some more crafty spaces. Enjoy your WOYWW everyone.

Kirsty x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

I hope this uploads the pictures!

Yey it worked! I've been trying to upload these pictures for a while and they never worked. At last they have appeared!

The above card is one for a lady from the shop who wanted a silver wedding anniversary card for friends. She wanted it kept simple so this is what I came up with. Very simple for me but in a way I think it kind of works. Best thing was that she was happy with it.

These two cards were made to fill some space on the card rail in the shop. I'm not too sure about the card on the right, I've been saving the paper with the umbrella's for ages as I wanted to do something special with it but I don't feel I have. I like the sentiment though. The card on the left, which you can't see properly due to the box of random bits and pieces, was actually a spur of the moment idea which I really love. Isn't it strange that the ideas you plan out for a while never seem to look as good as the impulse ones...for me anyway.

I also thought I'd share a wedding photo from hubby and I's wedding 12 weeks ago...I love this one, it was taken by a photographer I regularly work with who was a guest at the wedding. Aww I miss my wedding day so much!

Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Another fab WOYWW

Here's my desk and craft area this fabulous wednesday. As you can probably tell I've moved it all. Previously, as you can see on other posts, I've been crafting in front of a mirror on the wall and not really having much room for all my messiness <---is that a word? Anyway, I decided on Monday to take all of the hubby's clothes out of the room and I made him a walk in wardrobe in one of the big storage cupboards in the hall. I though it would be ideal for him to hide his mess behind a door so no-one has to see it but all I've done is take over the space his clothes were in to make even more of a mess.....a big crafty mess!

Crafting in front of a mirror did mean I could kill two birds with one stone though. I model part time and therefore I have to practice my expressions on a daily basis. I always made myself giggle when I'd stop crafting for a minute and pull some crazy expressions in the mirror. I needed some extra storage though so had to move so I could put something on the wall.

Here's the storage I got from the kitchen department in IKEA. I decided to drag the hubby through on Sunday and used the "doctor said it would make me feel better if I relaxed" worked a treat! In the little jars (spice jars) are all my buttons, pearls, gems, flowers etc with some of my Martha's sitting there proudly. I love Martha. The actual contents of my desk aren't exciting this week..just some boxes to alter and a new magazine holder full of scrap paper. Hopefully I'll manage to use it all up soon!

I have been making lots of cards but the silly computer won't let me upload them :( Will have to save them for another update during the week. If you have no idea what I've been talking about for the past 5 minutes then head over to Julia's where all will be explained.

Have a fab Wednesday everyone, looking forward to a little adventure around your crafty spaces!

Kirsty x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday....??

Well...I had great ideas to update my blog lots since last wednesday but unfortunately got some bad news from the docs so crafting had taken a bit of a back seat....that was until the other night! I am trying to stay as positive as possible and got told to make sure I do plenty of whatever relaxes me...well, that means the doctor has prescribed plenty crafting!!! couldn't believe it!

Here's my desk this week. Somewhere in there are two cards...a wedding one on the bottom right and one about chocolate in the middle..the orange one. Also on my desk this week are some new bits and pieces I have purchased duch as some BoBunny sticky embelishment things..some Christmas sequins, some rub ons on the left (under my new blackberry <3 ), some little gingerbread men which I'm unsure of what to do with. I've also just noticed on the far right of the new stash of Graphic45 papers have creeped in the photo. I just discovered Graphic45 recently and no idea how I managed to go without it. Their papers are so vintage looking, all muted and faded...they make gorgeous cards (or do I make gorgeous cards with their papers??)

Here are my cards up close..not technically perfect I know...but I still like them. I love the quote on this one ^^^

I also saw the most beautiful Graphic45 paper the other day. I just had to get it but it's so lovely I don't want to cut it! Alice in Wonderland....fantastic!

Anyway crafters...hope you enjoyed the snoop this week. I'm off to have a raid around the lovely Julia's at the rest of the WOYWW entries.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone,

Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010's WOYWW!!

Man I love Wednesdays! WOYWW is the fab Julia's creation and it is..or rather has taken the craft world by storm! I've been a little bit busy and a big bit ill recently so not done as much crafting as I would have liked but I did to a little!

Here is my desk this glorious Wednesday...

My mother-in-law (who I don't always see eye to eye with) has decided to give up idea why. Mid life crisis maybe, I don't know. Anyway, I'm not complaining as she's slowly giving me all of her supplies. First it started off with boxes upon boxes of rubber stamps, which I love and have no idea how I managed to live without! Last night she gave me all these embelishments which include some K&co, there are some BoBunny in there somewhere, lots of Christmas goodies and so much more!

She also gave me a massive hold-all filled with craft goodies including a Fiskars dry embossing machine thingy (which I've yet to have a proper look at), a whole box of Kanban cardstock in all colours with matching envelopes and tons of other stashy stuff including tubs upon tubs of colourful buttons!

Maybe I like my mother-in-law just a little now! :)

I also went for a little walk with the hubby and the pooch recently. I put my new camera to good use and got some lovely photos of handsome little fella...

I should really use this camera to photograph the pile of cards I've got sitting here to show you guys. I'll get it done tonight and updated tomorrow so make sure you pop back!

Have a fabby WOYWW everyone and I'd also like to say thank you all so much for your lovely comments, they keep me smiling week after week.

Kirsty x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Second WOYWW

I'm getting the hang of this now, I love my craft night on Tuesday evenings so I have something exciting to show you guys. Usually I like to start a project and not stop until it's done, this means each Tuesday evening I have to get creative so I have something to show on a Wednesday. I managed it though and made some lovely cards last night.

So here is my desk. From left to right we have my wooden storage for the new goodies I have bought. I like to use things at least once before puting them away so all my new stuff goes here. We have the new PaperCraft magazine along with some new K&Co embelishments I got the other day. The three cards I made last night are here starting with a Cosmo Cricket good luck card, the paper was absolutely stunning, didn't want to cut it! My new Martha Stewart punch is there too, beside the other and some Born to Shop papers and rub ons I purchased at the weekend. A K&Co "thinking of you" card is up the back with my favourite card in the right, I love the tag on it. Some new papers and more embelishments are hiding on the right too.
My desk is a little messier this week, I like it.

Here's my Cosmo Cricket card with my new Martha punch. I love the colours on this card, used a red ink pad too...not usually a fan of red but it works here (I think).
Here's my favourite card from last night. The tag is from K&Co with some bits and pieces added to it. Paper is Basic Grey. I love the colours of this card, it's so bright and summery...although the Scottish summer is almost over! Don't think this will be the last card using these tags as I got a few more in the pack.

Now I know I'm fairly new to all of this but thought I'd show off my work space. When I sit here I'm completely in a world of my own, which suits me just perfectly!

The desk is in our spare room which is pretty much a wardrobe. You will see lots of my clothes on rails the the mirrors as the images get uploaded. I sure do love my clothes! In the drawers on the desk I have my scrap paper in the bottom, ribbon in the next, embelishments in the next and projects I'm working on in the top drawer. Under the desk is boxes upon boxes of wooden stamps, I have loads. These are split into categories such as Christmas/birthday & celebration/floral etc. In the plastic storage unit on the right I have tools and tapes in the top drawer, white card in the second, my plain cards in the middle, little embelishments such as gems, buttons, flowers etc in the next and my Bazzill basic card in the bottom. I love my desk!

Hope to have lots of new & old visitors this week, sorry it's been such a long post! Off to have a nosey around other desks!

Happy WOYWW,
Kirsty x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A little bit BoBunny crazy!

I went shopping at Kitty Krafts with mum on Sunday after her tattoo and bought lots of goodies. I could have easily spent all day in that shop, I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven!

I purchased lots of Bo Bunny papers, Bo Bunny embelishments, some stamps, ribbon, K&Co embelishments which I love and lots more exciting goodies (including some Christmas things which I was trying to avoid as it's only August!)

I'm off work on Mondays so here is what I done with some of my Bo Bunny goodies...

I really do love these cards. The Bo Bunny papers are just lovely (the paper in the image above is Basic Grey). I also got some new gypsie flowers seen in the last three cards here and a new Martha Stewart punch, I just couldn't resist!

Looking forward to WOYWW tomorrow, at the moment the desk is clean and tidy after my crazy afternoon card making yesterday so tonight is my chance to get something exciting on there for tomorrow!

Kirsty x

Happy 50th Mum

Well, mum turned 50 on Saturday. I'm not sure if it's a mid life crisis or just a crazy spell but after a lovely family dinner we rounded up the night with lots of cocktails and shots followed by a tattoo of a little butterfly on mums foot in the morning and a T in the Park ticket. What other 50 year old gets super drunk, gets a tattoo and goes to T in the Park...just mine?? Thought so!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a little photo of her being brave on the Sunday morning with a killer hangover. She's already planning her next tattoo for Christmas! Crazy times! The tattooist is Bry, he has done mine and the hubby's. He's every mums worst nightmare with piercings and tattoos on his face and head as you can see in the photo. I thought he would have the hard-man personality to go along with his image but as soon as his mum came into the tattoo parlour he gave her a big kiss and cuddle!

So glad you had a fantastic birthday mum!

Love you,
Kirsty xxx

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

First ever WOYWW

I've always been a fan of Julia's work and her amazing idea of What's On Your Workdesk Wedensday. I love waking up on a Wednesday morning and snooping around everyone elses work spaces and seeing what you lot are up to.
I've always wanted to take part but never had a blog up and running for my craft stuff. When I fell ill recently I decided to spend more time crafting with the possibility of turning it into a career in a few years, if I become too ill to run my salon. So here I am. I really have to say Julia was an inspiration for me to get my crafting socks back on and not let an illness beat me or my creativity.

I know the photo isn't too clear but last night I was working on a couple of new cards using my new K&co butterfly embelishments and some new papers I picked up. I was also experimenting with my new (and first) Martha Stewart punch. I'm usually a very tidy crafter and tidy as I go so I'm not left with a huge amount of mess at the end but I decided to let my organisation go out the window and have a nice messy desk to show you this morning.

We've not yet got any followers on our blog :( I hope some of you will read this and decide to follow us as I'm sure I'll be a regular over at WOYWW.

Away to do some snooping round some desks!

Kirsty & mum xxx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Stock shopping

Although I said I wasn't going stock shopping until the 15th August I ended up with a day (yesterday) with nothing to do so off I went in the car to Glasgow to find some goodies for my craft room. I got allsorts including a Martha Stewart around the page punch, Tim Holz ink pads, pens, lots of yummy embelishments, some Bazzil cardstock, Born to Shop paper and embelishments, Eastern and cupcake cardstock, some papermania basic design kits so I can get crafting on notebooks etc and so much more. Couldn't help but take a photo to share it with you all. I can't help but get excited at the kind of creations I will come up with for the shop from this lot!

The best thing is...Sunday is the 15th and mum and I are going stock shopping again!

Until next time,
Kirsty & mum

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Molly's Baby Box

I made this for a friends newborn baby girl as a little gift. I thought it was a lovely thing to revceive, especially for a newborn, so that mummy and daddy can keep some little baby bits and pieces in it. The box itself took a while to decorate, especially as I made the design up as I went, not using a pre-planned design. This made it a little harder but I absolutely love the finished result.

These can be made to order for any occasion such as birthday's, a retirement, wedding, engagement, anniversary, baby, new home, travel box etc etc. The list is endless. All boxes can be made to suit a budget and completely customised to suit individual taste and style. There are a selection on display in the shop and I will be uploading more as they are made.

Kirsty & Mum x

Some of our cards...

As promised here are some of the cards we have in stock at the moment. The designs of these are pretty simple but it was mainly so we could build up a stock for the shop. My favourite is the elephant design. All of the cards are made using a range of papers and embelishments and good trusty rubber stamps. Over time I'm sure the technique of the cards will improve, especially after our 'stock' shopping next weekend.

Anyway folks that's all for now, hope you like some of these cards. Please leave comments if you do so I know we are on the right tracks!

Until next time,
Kirsty & Mum x

Friday, 6 August 2010

KML come on down....

Well, here we are. I'd like to introduce KMLdesign, a mother and daughter papercraft business. It all started when I took ill and the possibility of me not being able to work full time in ther future in my beauty salon became reality and we thought I needed a back up plan.
I've always loved making cards, scrapbooking etc as has my mum do we thought we'd start a little business doing so. I'm saying little...but knowing what we're like business will hopefully be booming in no time.

I have just transformed my spare room at home into a craft room, much to the delight of my husband, and my mum has her huge dining table where she can craft and come up with all sorts of creations.

We're going 'stock' shopping next Sunday to a lovely little shop I know of which is about 40mins drive from where we are in Perth, Scotland. I've got lots of cards already on display in the salon which are going down a treat but I'm getting rather excited about getting some orders in! I'm more than happy to make custom designs and alter bits and pieces to make trinket boxes, birthday books, recipe cards...the list goes on!

Anyway, until next time. I'll try and get some images of cards up soon!

Kirsty & mum x