Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Happy 50th Mum

Well, mum turned 50 on Saturday. I'm not sure if it's a mid life crisis or just a crazy spell but after a lovely family dinner we rounded up the night with lots of cocktails and shots followed by a tattoo of a little butterfly on mums foot in the morning and a T in the Park ticket. What other 50 year old gets super drunk, gets a tattoo and goes to T in the Park...just mine?? Thought so!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a little photo of her being brave on the Sunday morning with a killer hangover. She's already planning her next tattoo for Christmas! Crazy times! The tattooist is Bry, he has done mine and the hubby's. He's every mums worst nightmare with piercings and tattoos on his face and head as you can see in the photo. I thought he would have the hard-man personality to go along with his image but as soon as his mum came into the tattoo parlour he gave her a big kiss and cuddle!

So glad you had a fantastic birthday mum!

Love you,
Kirsty xxx

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  1. Ooh I wouldn't have been able to keep still to tolerate that!! Well done and many many happy returns!!